• Easy Start – Instant Setup and Support

    If your needs are specifically focused on the setup and support for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, and you prefer to begin immediately with minimal interaction, we have the perfect solution. Our streamlined process ensures quick and efficient setup with asynchronous support, ideal for businesses seeking swift and independent implementation.

    Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace Tenant Setup – $149 $99 one time fee

    Enhance your business communication with professional business email services.
    Need help choosing between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace? [Read This Article]
    Read the section below before ordering our services.

    • Setup User Accounts (Up to 15)
    • Setup User Aliases
    • Setup Teams/Groups
    • Setup 2FA/MFA
    • Setup DNS Records (MX, TXT, SPF)
    • Setup Domain Key (DKIM)
    • Deliver In 2 to 3 Business Days
    • Can be ordered directly with us or via Fiverr, a reputable freelance website. With either option you’ll work with one of our top experts.
    • Need a custom plan? [Contact Us Here]

    Need Ongoing Support? – $99 $49 monthly

    We can provide ongoing support with no minimum commitment. Pause or cancel anytime. Get 7 days free.

    • Support for up to 50 users
    • Add/Remove/Edit Users, Aliases, Licenses, Groups, and Teams
    • Provide Monthly Activity/Usage and Security Reports
    • Preventative Security Maintenance
    • General Tenant Consultation

    Before Ordering Our Services

    You will need a domain name. You can purchase one from our partner if you don’t already have one. [Click Here]

    You will also need a Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace tenant account. Don’t have one or need help choosing? Send us a chat using the floating message icon in the bottom right-hand corner, schedule a welcome call, or send us an email.

    Already have a domain name and a tenant account?

    • After placing an order for our services, you will be prompted to provide us with the credentials of your domain registrar and the admin account of your tenant.
    • After successfully obtaining access to your accounts, we will create your users in your tenant account. We make an email address for each of your team members on your domain.
    • Next, we verify and connect your domain name and set your DNS server to deliver your company’s emails to the correct place.
    • Once the verification is done, we will migrate emails from the previous email account to your new one (optional).

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