Secure your email

Add a layer of security for Microsoft 365 & defend against spam, phishing & malware. Email is your biggest security risk. Is your business safe?

Email is the most commonly used attack vector for cybercrime. To reduce the risk of data breaches caused by outsider threats and human error, adding an extra layer of security for your email is more than a good idea—it’s essential.


of malware is delivered via email, making it the most common attack vector (Verizon, 2019)


increase in average number of companies targeted by imposter email in 2019 vs. 2018 (Proofpoint, 2019)


of data breaches include either phishing or malware as their method of delivery (Verizon, 2019)

Protect email from common threats & malicious attacks

Proofpoint email protection acts as an additional line of defense in your cybersecurity arsenal. Use it to help safeguard your email from spam, phishing, and malware while simultaneously ensuring compliance and business continuity. With the ability to control, secure, and monitor inbound and outbound messages, Proofpoint makes it easy for businesses to take a proactive approach towards cybersecurity.

Threat prevention

Say goodbye to annoying spam, bulk mail & graymail with granular controls


Protect against leading threats such as malware & phishing

Detailed Reporting

Get full visibility of email data to address issues & threats proactively

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