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Independent professional? Single entrepreneur? Small business with several employees?
Whatever the case we have a solution for you!

What we do

Using solutions from industry leaders such as Microsoft and Google, we are able to provide you and your business with branded email accounts for every employee. Impress your customers with professional email addresses like doug@yourdomain.com.


Strengths and opportunities await

From impressing customers to increasing productivity. The advantages of having business branded email accounts are endless. Just to name a few:

  • Business Credibility: Branded email presents a more professional image to your clients.
  • Marketing: A custom email account can be a cost-effective addition to your marketing plan.
  • Standardization: Presenting a similar email structure from all your staff to your customers helps maintain brand standards and professionalism.
  • Security: Protecting privacy, sensitive company information, and other important data is easier on a company email.
  • Visibility: Custom email addresses are less likely to end up in your customers’ spam folders.

This is how we do it

  • Discuss and evaluate your needs, expectations and budget
  • Determine which tools and solutions will best suit your company's needs
  • Plan an execution strategy involving all stakeholders
  • Execute and Deploy
  • Administer Training and Support

Our team is an extention of your team

Support and Guidance from the Experts

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) we maintain all of the technical backend business including licensing, renewals and security updates. Reach out to us when needs change such as onboarding new hires, offboarding departing ones or anything else. You just focus on your customers and we will focus on you.

Two Leading Productivity Solutions

With Professional Grade Email Comes Professional Grade Collaboration

Email and everything else you need to run your business right

Every business needs a few fundamentals: email, an office suite, a place to store files and a way to share them. What you do doesn’t matter, but how you do it can make all the difference.

Microsoft 365

One of the most familiar productivity suites, Microsoft 365 encompasses powerful programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and more.

Google Workspace

Communicate, collaborate and conquer your goals with Google Workspace, Google's seamless, user-friendly cloud-first productivity suite.

Meet your new team.

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