Send & Receive Email Using Your Domain Name For Free!

In our mission to make businesses look and appear as professional (and tech-savvy) as possible, we have put together a free video tutorial on how to send and receive email using your custom domain name for FREE using Gmail.


Why is this important?

The advantages of having a business-branded email account are endless. Just to name a few:

  • Credibility: Branded email presents a more professional image to your clients.
  • Marketing: A custom email account can be a cost-effective addition to your marketing plan.
  • Standardization: Presenting a similar email structure from all your staff to your customers helps maintain brand standards and professionalism.
  • Security: Protecting privacy, sensitive company information, and other important data is easier using branded email accounts.
  • Visibility: Custom email addresses are less likely to end up in your customers’ spam folders.

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Disclaimer: There are obvious limitations because this method uses a free Gmail account. This method will not serve as a 100% replacement for a licensed Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 tenant account which is typically used for teams or organizations. However, this will work if you are a single individual, professional, solopreneur, or someone who wants to make a statement using their own domain name. For more info on our professional email setup using Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 [Click Here].

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